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See What Some Of Tracy Technologies Client’s Have To Say

We love our clients, and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you work with Tracy Technologies, you won’t ever have to worry about technology support!

Expert, Creative, Good Value

“If you want creative, innovative, trend-setting and timely results from friendly and customer service oriented people, you want to work with Tracy Technologies team!”

Kenny Blutman
Owner at Fresh Grill & Bar – restaurant & catering

Top qualities: Expert, Creative, Good Value

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Pleasure To Work With

Derek always maintained a professional and upbeat attitude and was always someone I could count on to get a job done on time. He knew the technology he worked on and was always looking at new and improved tools and products that could provide value for the company. He was a pleasure to work with.”

Kevin East
Director – Voice and Data Networks at Archon Group

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Professional, Incredibly Knowledgeable

“Andrea has designed two separate websites at my request, both fit within the budgets and exceeded expectations for design and implementation.

Andrea is a professional, fantastic with interpersonal dynamics and is incredibly knowledgeable. By the time I hired her I was frustrated with the web design process that I was tackling alone. She was able to understand what I wanted, asked for clarification in places that I left vague, and sent me samples to further pinpoint a desired outcome. She was also able to redesign one site from WordPress to Joomla in almost no time. Her help has been invaluable.

Her fantastic sense of design has seriously decreased the amount of stress that I associated with these projects. I will use Andrea again and again, because I don’t have to worry that my sites won’t look right or send the wrong message. In every sense of the word, Andrea is fantastic to work with.

I give her my highest recommendation. If you want it done right, use Andrea Tracy. If I can give you any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.”


Disa McAkister

Onwer at Paperwork Relief, LLC


Top qualities: Professional, Incredibly Knowledgeable


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Save Yourself The Headache!

“I would like to highly recommend Andrea at Tracy Technologies to anyone who requires website assistance. I have four websites but spent countless hours working on one that was giving me trouble. Andrea was able to solve the problem very fast and efficiently. I can not thank her enough. Using Andrea has spared me from countless hours of confusion and frustration. If any of you need a new website or possibly you may want to upgrade the your existing one. Save yourself the headache and call Andrea!!”


Teresa Bell

Owner / Breader at Kealoha Kennels



Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

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Insanely Great Service

Derek has provided excellent service and support for our growing internet business. I rely completely on Derek’s ability and knowledge to keep the IT end of our business running and in excellent shape as well as safe from attack. Derek’s attention to detail is unbeatable and his desire to offer “insanely great customer service” is awesome.”

Harold Mindlin
CEO/President at 2 Market Services

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

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Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Tracy Technologies have been a great partner for us here at Allos Footwear. They responded to our needs and acted  quickly to deliver a top-flite website to help us launch our new footwear products. The website has been vital to our early success! (www.allosfootwear.com – check it out!) Andrea Tracy is a dream to work with, a real pro, and we look forward to gowing our relationship with Andrea and Tracy Technologies for years to come. I would highly recommend Andrea and the TracyTechnologies.com to anyone who needs graphic design and website services!”


Mitch Monis

President at Allos Footwear, LLC



Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

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Blown Away!

“After working with Andrea and Tracy Technologies, I have raised my expectations of success SIGNIFICANTLY! Andrea is one of those people that just gets “it.”And by “it” I mean EVERYTHING! It would be impossible to work with her and not be blown away with her amazing, all encompassing skill set. She’s so good it’s dizzying!

But no matter what I say, its simply not enough. You just have to work with her to fully comprehend.”

William Smith
Onwer at Shirt Smack

Top qualities: Professional, Incredibly Knowledgeable

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Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Derek is my “go to” resource when I have IT issues. We are a small company that cannot justify a full time IT trouble shooter. We use Tracy Technologies both as a Social Media Consultant and to handle our IT issues. Our business has grown as a result of the social media advice and we have experienced almost 0 downtime with Derek as our IT resource. Even though we live in a city known for it’s IT talent (Austin), we use Derek and his firm remotely because of the excellent results we get.”

Craig Clark
Founder, CEO at Momentum Consulting

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

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Very Proud, HUGE Shout out!

Very proud to announce www.RCBombshells.com is now up and live. Many months in the making to debut proper like. The gallery is growing by the day. Huge shout out to Tracy Technologies for showcasing our work. Derek has a stellar background in Web design and a shared passion for R/C like all of us. The overall site came out amazing. The mobile app is easy to navigate with shopping features making trackside orders for body and paint made simple. The custom design page after purchase has a simple attach photo function to submit picts of your paint scheme or another. Please check it out and give us your valued feedback.”

Owner – RCBombshells.com

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Expert, High Integrity

“Andrea is one of the most reliable and honorable people that I know. She meets here deliverable commitments on-time and on budget. She is willing to go the extra 10 miles to server her customers. Anyone who engages Andrea and Tracy Technologies will be completely satisfied.”

Harold Mindlin
Vice President Marketing & Sales at Audiotoniq, Inc.
CEO/President at Flashpoint, Inc.

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

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Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

“My project required someone who could code complicated java script yet maintain the structure and feel of the original site, Andrea and her team hit a home runI was awestruck with the results and her ability to come in under budget was a huge bonus. We will not hesitate to contract Tracy Technologies in the future for other web site projects and marketing needs as they arise. Thank you Andrea and the team of Tracy Technologies for your honesty and integrity and hard work!”


Steve Fowler
The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse


Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

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Passion For Technology

Derek has a passion for technology and what it can do for businesses. In this day and age with so many technical options Derek knows what works.”

The Mulligan Man – Eric Tracy
Master of Ceremonies

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Qualified & Professional

Qualified & Professional
“After my website programmer went awol, I was left in need of technical assistance on updating my website. Andrea was one of many people who responded to my ‘help’ ad, and she seemed qualified, professional, and fairly priced.

Although I was initially a little skeptical about having someone out of state work on my site update, any concerns quickly revealed themselves to be unfounded. Andrea went into the nuts and bolts of my site, tweaked the loose screws my previous programmer had left me with, and in a few hours made all the changes I asked for. She also went several extra yards tidying-up, making sure I was happy with how everything looked. I’ll be happy to use her service again in the future.”


John D.

Freelance Writer & Photographer


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Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Andrea, is the best website professional I have EVER worked with… She was fast, personable, and a great value! I will definitely, be using her services again and again. I am now referring her as much as possible. Good web builders are hard to find and she is the best!

Kirk McDow

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

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Always Available When We NEED Him

Derek is awesome! He is always available when we need him for IT support – from the smallest to the largest challenge – he has been able to provide what we needed. Don’t hesitate to call him!”

Marlene Clark
President at Momentum Consulting

Top qualities: Great ResultsExpertHigh Integrity

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Deliver Beyond Our Expectations On A Continuous Basis

Derek and Andrea of Tracy Technologies are a key part of our team. As our outsourced IT department, we rely heavily on their expertise and trust them implicitly with all security matters related to our remote servers and software. Tracy Technologies functions as a current state of the art IT Department, but unlike most IT Support companies, Derek and Andrea work as hard as we do and deliver beyond our expectations on a continuous basis.

Kimberlee Augustine
Owner – DMS & Associates, Inc.
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity